Tennessee Issues $12K in Fines, Revokes Licenses of 3 Insurance Producers

Three former Tennessee insurance producers who violated provisions of Tennessee’s insurance law have been hit with civil penalties totaling $12,000 and forced to surrender or have revoked their insurance licenses, according to a statement from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI).

As a result of the TDCI investigations, former insurance producers Dallas Edwin Love, Charles Holman Phelps, and Orvil E. Hendrix must pay civil penalties and are no longer allowed to sell insurance in the State of Tennessee. The sanctions were the result of the work of TDCI’s Insurance Fraud Investigations team and the Office of General Counsel who ensure the protection of Tennesseans by holding accountable insurance producers who are engaged in unlawful activity, TDCI said in a statement.

Details of the cases include:

“I congratulate the fine work of our team who has helped stop three bad actors from preying upon unassuming Tennessee consumers any further,” said TDCI Assistant Commissioner for Insurance Michael Humphreys. “The conclusion of these cases once again demonstrates the importance of upholding the law in order to protect consumers from wrongdoing. Our team will continue to work diligently to investigate and bring to justice those who would seek to line their pockets at the expense of consumers.”

Source: Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance