Hurricane Florence Risks to North Carolina Include Toxic Sludge, Lagoons of Pig Manure

By , Sylvia Carignan and Shruti Date Singh | September 11, 2018

  • September 11, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    Bailey Condrey says:
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    CEO Andy Curliss of the Pork Producers sounds as though he may be new to his job. “Only 18 lagoons flooded the last time.” That’s probably 18 lagoons too many. Florence’s rains will wash untold amounts of pig waste into the creeks, rivers and estuaries that surround the fields where it is sprayed incessantly affecting the health and lives of those living nearby. What do representatives from the fishing and shellfish industries in NC have to say about pollution from the hog industry fouling their livelihoods? What do representatives from the tourism industry have to say about swine fecal matter fouling the state’s marine environment. Unless Hurricane Florence turns into a kitten, I won’t be returning to the once pristine beaches and waters of NC that I have visited and fished for 40 years. The hog industry and NC politicians have turned the highly productive and beautiful sounds and estuaries of the state into a cesspool. Don’t you think it’s time to implement a better strategy? After all, we’re 18+years into the 21st century.

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