Florida Restaurant Fined More Than $314K for Stealing Tips, Wages

June 30, 2020

  • July 1, 2020 at 1:21 pm
    Anonymous says:
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    I worked at one location only for 3 days, as the manager was hiring like every day. By the first few hours someone started choking and an ambulance had to be called. They told me to follow/train with someone who started working there like 2 days prior. The manager was usually in the back, so after I was done asking if anyone needed anything a good 5 times, he told me to keep walking around.
    I didn’t know how to pack take out orders and I tried, the assistant manager was already talking about me behind my back, as my co-worker/ friend told me that he wanted to yell at me, but the manager told him not to.
    This place is horrible to work at. The place I worked at was very unorganized, as I had to ask about 3 or 4 people if they knew where more boba straws were. They didn’t, until they searched for them.
    You don’t get a day off until the manager feels like you’e earned it, or that you’ve worked long enough. I had a few misunderstandings with the manager here and there. It was understaffed, even though he hired people like every day.
    I referred my friend before I started working there, and he also got the job. After I was let go, they told him to come in on his day off, or he was fired. You can’t do that. I worked for only 3 days, 27 hours.
    I heard that all the people I worked with there have quit already. All of them, except the assistant manager, because they are friends. All in all, it was a shit job. I got paid, but not any tips.

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