5 Firefighters Injured in South Carolina Industrial Plant Fire

Five firefighters were injured while battling a large fire at a South Carolina industrial plant.

News outlets report that the fire began before dawn Monday at the Carolina Poly plant in Chester County. The plant is located along state Route 9 about 15 miles south of Rock Hill.

Chester County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Grant Suskin said that four firefighters were taken to the hospital with heat-related injuries and one with a foot injury.

Pictures posted to social media show a large blaze coming from trailers parked in a lot just outside the plant, with a column of thick black smoke rising from it.

The sheriff’s office said that nearby residents should remain inside and that firefighting operations would continue into night.

“At this time, we recommend all those who live nearby stay inside,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement posted to Facebook. “There is no immediate hazard to the surrounding area, but we are continuing to analyze the situation to determine if evacuations will be necessary,”