Florida Adjusters’ Charges of Doctored Damage Reports Get Wider Spotlight

By | March 13, 2023

  • March 13, 2023 at 2:46 pm
    Eddie Hall says:
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    All of the executives with Heritage need to go to jail. I’ve been in the insurance business 50 years and I am in Georgia. They should have never been approved to do business in Georgia. I had an insured that was putting a chain link fence around his backyard. He dug a trench around his yard and poured concrete and put the poles for the fence in the concrete. The concrete molded into the concrete foundation of the house. A storm damaged the fence but Heritage refused to pay because they said their policy stated any other structures had to be attached to the house to be covered. I took pictures of the foundation of the fence and the concrete clearly molds into the concrete of the foundation of the house. You can get anymore attached than this. My insured sued Heritage in magistrate court and I was there as his witness. This was a $5,000 claim. I was at the magistrate court waiting for this case to be presented. I am in Albany, Georgia and an attorney comes in from Charolette, NC to represent Heritage. Then a General Contractor from Florida comes in from Florida. I was put on the stand and sworn in. The Heritage attorney was questioning me and I told him I had prictures of the concrete where it molded into the foundation of the the house so it was attached. The judge asked me if I could show the pictures to him and I did. Two days later I got a notice from the magistrate court stating they were awarding my insured the damages to his fence and ordered Heritage to pay the court fees. I wonder how many thousands of dollars their attorney and the expert general contractor charged Heritage to try to get out of a legitimate claim of $5,000

  • March 13, 2023 at 7:08 pm
    Michelle Lambert says:
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    Similar thing is happening to me right now we are now six months past hurricane Ian. I have not received one single penny from American Integrity insurance company. They have used Sedgwick as their claim management company to process this claim which I filed the day after the hurricane. My complete roof needs to be replaced. I have no soffits or gutters left on my home. They sent out a field adjuster that never got on my roof yet their estimate of payment was based on her assessment. needless to say, the estimate of payout is less than my deductible of $7000. I’ve had numerous estimate from contractors all within $100 that say to replace my cement tile roof is $65,000.
    My policy clearly states that it is a replacement value of my roof.
    The report is even more asinine that it states that despite the fact that the color of my cement tile is not available and it’s been discontinued, they found a warehouse that has this tile in a different color, but it can be painted to match. It goes further to give me gas money to drive the two hours away to pick this tile up.
    After several months and numerous emails and phone calls five desk adjusters later, I was forced to hire a public adjuster. He had his own estimator came out and my damage to my home is $263,000.
    Meanwhile, American Integrity, as well as Sedgwick, has refused to share the engineer report, nor the field adjuster report.
    This leads me to believe that there are significant fraud going on with this insurance company as well

    • March 15, 2023 at 5:12 pm
      th says:
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      of course all contractors told you that tile roof needs be replaced and discontinued. 1st off concrete tile business is biggest scam in FL they constantly on purpose discontinue products to avoid warranties and get insurance to replace the shit tiles they make. You ever wonder why most roofs are now concrete instead of clay. B/C IT IS CHEAP. What is common sense about concrete is it will always eventually crack. When you get roofer or pa estimate its like going to jiffy lube and asking them what you need replace. DUH everything.

      • March 15, 2023 at 8:43 pm
        Michelle says:
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        155 mph winds in the center of hurricane Ian you think whether shingle or tile there wasn’t legitimate damage? For your information I had roof inspected year prior and was perfect condition by same roofing company. This is only one part of damage. not only struggling with rebuilding after hurricane and fighting insurance companies to reimburse for paid for policy but now dealing with ignorance like yours

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