Sen. Burton Introduces SB 71 To Get a Closer Look Into Calif.’s W/C System

On Jan. 9, Senator John Burton, D-San Francisco, introduced and read for the first time Senate Bill 71, a workers’ compensation bill. The proposed law calls for the Senate Office of Research to conduct a study to determine the appropriate level of workers’ comp benefits.

The legislative counsel’s digest states: “The study shall provide a recommended schedule upon which benefits are to be raised. The study shall seek to identify, where appropriate, any potential efficiencies within the workers’ comp system.”

SB 71 is co-sponsored by Assemblyman Thomas Calderon (D-Montebello), chairman of the Assembly Insurance Committee, and Senator Richard Alarcon (D-Sylmar), chairman of the Senate Industrial Relations Committee. According to the Workers’ Comp Executive, the bill will serve as the vehicle for what is expected to become major reform of California workers’ comp system during the 2001 legislative session.