Low Reminds Holocaust Survivors and Heirs of Claim Filing Deadline

With the deadline just less than a month away, California Insurance Commissioner Harry Low has reminded state Holocaust survivors and their heirs that they must file by Feb. 15 with the International Holocaust Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC).

Low said that Californians who think they might qualify for benefits from a Holocaust-era insurance policy need to submit their claims to ICHEIC by next month’s deadline.

ICHEIC is expecting that present member insurance companies will submit added names to the list. Also, new companies are expected to submit lists as part of the ICHEIC process. For claims against such policies that are not presently listed, the claims deadline will be extended.

Low stated it is critical that potential claimants contact ICHEIC immediately in order to preserve their rights. Participating companies are required by ICHEIC to provide available lists of Holocaust-era policyholders. Low said lists are essential to an effective claims process, noting that companies need to continue producing available names of Holocaust-era policyholders.

California, home to the second largest concentration of Holocaust survivors in the country, has submitted 4,864 claims of the more than 20,000 claims sent to ICHEIC.