CDI Revokes Agent’s License

California Insurance Commissioner Harry W. Low recently issued an order to revoke the fire and casualty broker-agent license of George Alfred Bivins, Jr.

Low also ordered that Bevins cease and desist from participating in the insurance industry in any capacity. The disciplinary actions are the result of a May 22 disciplinary hearing attended to by the Office of Administrative hearings.

Along with Low’s order, he has also adopted the proposed decision.

The disciplinary hearing established that Bivins had committed acts in violation of the California Insurance Code, including the following:

Diverting and/or appropriating fiduciary funds to his own use;

Entering into premium financing agreements without his clients’ permission;

Issuing insurance binders without authority from insurance companies;

Knowingly misrepresenting the terms or effect of insurance policies by providing insurance binders to clients to create the false impression that they were insured;

Failing to place insurance coverage and allowing coverage to cancel, causing his clients to suffer uninsured losses and premium payment losses in excess of $120,000.