CIWA Seeks to Boost Membership

Members of the California Insurance Wholesalers Association (CIWA) came together on June 19 at their Annual Meeting and Committee Day in Burbank.

The association participated in the election of new officers for 2002-2003. Manfred Mundelius was re-elected for his second term as president of CIWA. Mundelius explained that CIWA’s objectives for the coming year are to increase membership of the association and to become more involved in ABL, the Agents and Brokers Legislative Council.

“On a 2-year session, there are 2,000 bills that go through the legislature, that are being proposed, and will potentially become law. We monitor all those bills that in one way or another will have an impact on the insurance industry, for better or for worse, and of course we support those that we think will be beneficial maintaining this viable, strong, open, competitive market, and we try to do whatever we can to slow down or stop those that we think will have a very detrimental impact on the insurance industry.”

Mundelius noted that in order to achieve their goals for ABL they need a strong membership base. He said that CIWA has taken steps to increase membership.

“We have created a Web site,, that anybody who might be interested in this organization can access and they can read information about who we are, what our objectives are, and what they need to do to join. They can download an application; they know what their respective fees are. We are also sending them a list of member benefit programs hat the wholesale association offers to these very same prospective members. We’re telling them if you join, you might avail yourself of these services if you become a member.”

The meeting included an executive panel, “The Changing Market: What it Means to You.” Panelists included Rick Dinger, a retail agent for CV Insurance, Jerry Sullivan, president of the Sullivan Group, Rupert Hall, president of Golden Bear Insurance Company, and Zulma Marquez, principal of ECM Insurance. “I thought we had a very interesting executive panel that addressed the status of the market. It was very informative,” added Mundelius.

“We [also] talked about our ongoing effort to provide continuing education programs to our members, as well as making those programs available to retail agents and brokers in the state,” said Mundelius. “So we’ll continue those efforts, we’ll conduct seminars in the northern and the southern part of the state.”