Faked Death Gets Felony Insurance Fraud Conviction

Attorney General Brian Sandoval announced that District Judge Donald M. Mosley sentenced Purificacion Lobitos, age 56, to a maximum term of 32 months with a minimum term of 12 months in the Nevada Department of Corrections, for one count of felony conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

The term of incarceration was suspended and Lobitos placed on probation for three years. Lobitos was also ordered to reimburse the Insurance Fraud Unit (IFU) $1000.00 in investigative costs and $546.73 in extradition costs to the State of Nevada Extradition Unit.

In Jan. 1998 and continuing through approximately July 27, 1998, in Clark County, Nevada, Purificacion Lobitos conspired with a co-defendant to submit false claims for life insurance benefits under Lobitos’ term life insurance policies with Liberty Mutual and Prudential Insurance Companies, by maintaining that Lobitos had been killed in a vehicle -pedestrian accident in the Philippines. The policies were each worth $100,000.00.

Subsequent investigation by the IFU revealed that Lobitos reentered the United States from the Philippines through San Francisco and that a driver’s license number D1651363 was issued to Purificacion Lobitos on Oct. 6, 1999. According to a pre-sentencing report, Ms.
Lobitos worked from 1998 to 2001 at an assembly plant in Fremont, California. She was arrested in California on Sept. 8 of this year by San Mateo Sheriff’s Department and remained in jail until extradited from the State of California and booked into the Clark County Detention Center on Sept. 18.