ACIC Examines Calif. Workers’ Comp Issues

March 3, 2004

  • March 6, 2004 at 4:52 am
    Debbie Kegley says:
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    *Losses for workers’ comp insurers are outpacing premiums (some might agree that milestone achieved insolvencies)
    *The rate of return for workers’ comp insurers has steadily declined over the past five years………(WHY?) they’d perfer a higher gain of return faster.
    *Insurers’ poor rates of return are not due in large part to bad investments in the stock market…….(and denied claims by worker’s compensation insurer’s should not be either) got that Healthnet!!!
    *Insurance companies continue to leave the California market…….(Other’s should follow suit)
    *Increased regulation of insurers will not lead to lower rates for workers compensation insurance……..(Got that right Sam!!)

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