New G.L. Market for Custom Home Builders at Lemac

William Newton, president of Los Angeles-based Lemac & Associates announced the addition of a new General Liability Market for Custom Home Builders in California.

The target audience is High End Custom Home Builders who build less than 10 homes per year. Minimum premium is $25,000. The program is offered by a domestic carrier rated “A” VIII and written on an ISO 2001 GL form.

Agents are advised to include five years currently valued loss runs, an Acord Application and Lemac Lloyds 2004 Construction Supplemental Application. Note that Lloyds is NOT the market. The Construction Supplemental Application is available on Lemac’s Web site:

For more information, contact any of the Lemac casualty specialists in Orange or Los Angeles: Robert Brooks (323) 932-5734; Barbara Higgins (323) 932-5735; Bill Newton (323) 857-9400; Mario Gomez (323) 932-5708; Pauline Kwan (323) 857-9400; George Luka (714) 712-6305; Bob Ponto (714) 712-6308; Lucy Lyons (714) 6306 or Jonathan Wills (714) 712-5328.