Garamendi Covers Workers’ Comp to Run for Lt. Governor in Talk with Insurance Journal

With the list of insurance industry issues never small in California, Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi recently took time out from his schedule to chat with Online Editor Dave Thomas.

Is the workers’ compensation issue improving in California and what is the health of the State Fund? Are homeowners prepared for another fire season and what are insurers doing to protect their customers? Why was one family denied renewal by Allstate after filing two claims for water damage to their home and a burglary of their automobile?

Garamendi, who is in his second stint as insurance commissioner, covers a number of issues, including SB 938, “Use it and Lose it” practices against homeowners, workers’ comp reform, the fire season, the Executive Life Trial, and his announcement to run for Lt. Governor of the state in 2006.

To listen to the interview, click here:

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