Phoenix Man Sentenced for Defrauding Workman’s Comp Fund

A Phoenix man was sentenced Tuesday to three years of supervised probation after being convicted of defrauding the State Compensation Fund of Arizona (SCF), the state agency that provides workman’s
compensation coverage for more than 54,000 Arizona employers.

Benny O. Green, 48, was convicted by a Maricopa County Superior Court jury of false statements to obtain compensation, a Class 6 felony. Green was receiving monthly benefits from the SCF. To receive benefits, he was required to complete annual forms
indicating any employment and wages. The forms he submitted to the SCF indicated that he was not employed and did not have any wages to report. Green was in fact working for a woman in California, who testified for the prosecution.

In addition to being placed on probation, Green’s benefits were cut off as a result of the guilty verdict. Assistant Attorney General Jacqueline Schesnol prosecuted this case.

Source: Office of Arizona Attorney General