Ariz. Field Inspections on Taxi Cabs Show Violations

August 24, 2007

  • August 24, 2007 at 12:55 pm
    Umpiire says:
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    Sometimes one has to put the “that’s disgusting” label on situations — and this one qualifies.

    AZ is a tourist destination. Taxi passengers are out of their element, and vulnerable in many ways. Yet this is the way Arizona treats its guests?

    Mandate named persons to qualify to manage the taxi company. Check their records, as you would an alarm installer and a CDL trucker (security and driving abilities). Require any cab run by their company to have their sticker on it. Then if the vehicle is unsafe, uninsured, or operated by an unqualified driver, pull their ticket and be done with them.

    Get rid of the crap, and good companies can now make money, and can comply with the rules properly.

    Insurers that write taxis have nightmares BECAUSE regulators refuse to create decent rules, so we know the drivers and vehicles are often garbage. Until you get the garbage out of this industry, you will continue to see little competition for this business, and you will continue to see $10,000 per unit pricing (again severely contributing to the quality cab company being able to remain in business).

    Legislators — want to reduce cab company premiums, not be embarrassed about gouging rates, and have quality vehicles and drivers to receive the guests that dump their fortunes into your tourist economy?… then do your job.

    You actually require more driving rules on your cargo haulers, than you expect of the drivers that carry humans that bring your economy money. …that doesn’t make sense on any level.

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