Encompass Offers Nevada Drivers Accident Forgiveness, More Rating Tiers

Encompass Insurance is offering Nevada agents a new product, Encompass Edge, that combines accident forgiveness and more discounts with sophisticated rating tiers to help keep rates competitive.

“Producers are delighted by the new rates and the ability to write a wider range of customers,” said Mike Vitale, regional sales director for Encompass Insurance. “Consumers especially appreciate the ‘accident forgiveness’ feature, which provides peace of mind – most notably to families with teens or to anyone who may risk a rate increase if they are involved in an at-fault accident.”

Encompass Edge offers Nevada policyholders auto accident forgiveness and a pricing model with 1,024 tiers, providing more tailored pricing for auto and homeowners insurance, along with several discounts, all of which can be combined.

Discounts include:
• 5 percent “good payer” discount
• Up to a 5 percent new car discount
• 5 percent homeownership discount on eligible auto policies
• 5 percent future effective date discount for auto policies issued at least seven days before the effective date
• 2 percent Encompass easy pay plan (auto) discount
• 5 to 15 percent anti-theft device discount

Additional features, such as unlimited accident forgiveness and a 5 percent safe driver discount are available to customers buying the Elite policy.

Source: Encompass Insurance