Cornerstone General Launches Calif. Rehab HO Program

Cornerstone General announced the release of a Special Homeowners Rehabilitation Program, effective March 1, that provides California independent agents instant access to rates and underwriting approval for hard-to-place risks or insureds previously written in the E&S market.

Together with an admitted, ‘A-‘ A.M. Best rated carrier, Cornerstone General offers a homeowners product designed to meet the needs of homeowners who have been declined, cancelled or non-renewed by a preferred carrier, or have just had a bit of bad luck. Rather than forcing insureds into a restrictive FAIR Plan fire policy or requiring brokers to jump through the hoops and expense of a non-admitted placement, Cornerstone offers direct access to an admitted, California-domiciled company in an online, instant quote environment.

Also included as part of this product launch is the introduction of the Cornerstone General’s QuickQuote system, which quickly calculates and displays a quote without needing to log in or register. This estimate is provided to all users on, and can be used by potential agents or even consumers to compare their current coverage and carrier pricing.

Cornerstone pays full commission and does not charge a broker’s fee for placement.