Montana State Fund Launches Young Worker Safety Campaign

Nearly 1,000 young Montana workers ages16 to 24 year old are injured on-the-job each year, according to the Montana State Fund. The state workers’ compensation insurer’s statistics show that that same age group makes up just 17 percent of the state’s workforce, but accounts for 22 percent of MSF claims. MSF hopes to change these statistics through its new “No Jack” young workers’ safety campaign.

“This campaign is designed to humorously grab the attention of our younger workers,” said Carl Kochman, MSF communications and public relations leader. “Through various tactics, we hope to get young workers thinking about training procedures, equipment use and safety awareness. Plus, it will help employers learn to talk to young workers in a relatable way.”

The No Jack Web site ( features a number of “Jackass” style videos with kids doing stupid stunts, similar to the videos created by Johnny Knoxville on MTV’s “Jackass” series. At the end of each video message the tagline “Don’t be a jackass at work” appears. As part of the campaign, Web visitors are also invited to upload their own no jack style videos.

“No jack may seem silly to some adults, but they’re not our target audience. We know kids today receive their information by viewing You Tube and similar outlets,” Kochman said. “This is the best vehicle for us to spread our message to young workers.”

In addition to the videos, the public can enter to win four Wii game stations by playing the no jack quiz on the Web site. The contest runs May 21 – June 22, 2008, with a Wii being given away June 2, 9, 16 and 23. The site also provides free “accident” ring tones, safety tips and real life stories of injured young workers.

MSF is the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance company with more than 28,000 policyholders. For more information, visit

Source: MSF