Washington Warns: Beware Hole in One Insurance

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler warns anyone planning a golf tournament in Washington state not to buy hole in one insurance from Golf Marketing.

Golf Marketing is not licensed to sell insurance in Washington and has a track record of not paying the prize money when someone hits a hole-in-one during tournament play, the Department of Insurance said. As a result, Kreidler recently fined the company $125,000 and ordered it to stop doing business in Washington.

“Golf Marketing has scammed people across the country and it’s really a double hit for the victims,” Kreidler said. “First they pay for the insurance, then they turn around and also have to pay out the prize money when Golf Marketing skips out on its commitment.”

Golf Marketing is operated by Kevin Kolenda and Tim Kirchhof, and operates under several names: Golf Marketing Worldwide, LLC; Golf Marketing Inc.; Hole-in-Won.com; Hole-in-Won.com Worldwide; and Golf Marketing LLC.

Hole in one insurance is a policy that pays the prize money when someone hits a hole-in-one during a tournament. Before buying a policy, Kreidler recommends people call his office at 800-562-6900 to make sure the seller is legitimate.

For more information, visit http://www.insurance.wa.gov/orders/hearings_proceedings3.shtml.

Source: DOI