Montana State Auditor Releases Office Staff Salaries

Montana State Auditor Monica Lindeen has released the salaries of her top staffers.

Lindeen was recently sworn in as the state auditor. Her salary is $79,137.

Deputy auditor Walter Schweitzer, who managed Lindeen’s campaign and is the brother of Gov. Brian Schweitzer, will receive $70,000.

Deputy Insurance Commissioner Bob Moon will earn $75,000 for his work on health promotion, contract management and grant acquisition.

Chief Legal Counsel Christina Goe will receive $73,180 as she continues the job she has held since 1999.

Deputy Securities Commissioner Lynne Egan will receive $66,650 in continuing her job; executive counsel and policy adviser John Mudd will receive $70,000 and communications director and policy adviser Jessica Rhoades will receive $67,000.