Entertainment Industry Insurer, CMM Entertainment, Expands in California

Robert M. Bryar, president of C.M.Meiers Co. Inc. and CMM Entertainment has begun expansion plans to the entertainment division’s Woodland Hills, Calif., headquarters.

The company is adding 25 percent more floor space to accomodate projected growth of CMM Entertainment. Expansion and build-oiut is scheduled to be completed by June 1, 2009.

According to Bryar, “Expanding our space in this tight economic period will give us an advantage in attracting the kind of talent we need and will create an environment that enables our professionals to prosper and grow.”

C.M.Meiers insures businesses of all types and sizes in all 50 states. CMM Entertainment is a full-service provider with expertise in all lines of coverage for the entertainment industry and underwrites personal, commercial, film and television production. Both are headquartered in the Los Angeles area.