Idaho To Take Health Insurance from Part-Timers

The Department of Administration’s plan to make Idaho state government part-time employees pay more for health insurance will save the state some $2.73 million annually.

Part-time workers are unhappy with Administration Director Mike Gwartney’s move; some will see monthly premiums quadruple.

About 1,007 part-time workers will pay more with the changes, which take effect on Nov. 14.

The $2.7 million figure doesn’t include money Idaho plans to save by cutting all state worker prescription drug benefits, for a total savings of $7 million.

Some groups are lobbying the Idaho Legislature to undo the increases.

At Boise State University, where Bob President Kustra has criticized the move, the Professional Staff Association says the state didn’t provide adequate information to the school’s 230 employees who will be affected.

It wants the decision halted.

State Sen. Dean Cameron, a co-chairman of the budget writing committee, said, “Obviously this will be a discussion item this coming session.”