SW Idaho Lawmaker to Pursue Texting Ban

A southwestern Idaho lawmaker plans to make another run at banning texting while driving. Republican state Sen. John McGee laments the Idaho Legislature’s failure in 2010 to pass a ban.

A bill passed the Senate, but died in the House on a technicality after Rep. Raul Labrador objected.

Labrador, who is now running for Congress, says a texting ban would be hard to enforce. And he contends dangerous driving caused by texting is already illegal under Idaho’s reckless driving statutes.

McGee says he’s putting together a bill he hopes will satisfy skeptics’ concerns and hopes to have a new law on the books after the 2011 session.

The lawmaker from Caldwell, who is chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, says he’s confident Idaho will join about 30 other states with similar bans.