More Containment On New Mexico Wildfire

June 5, 2012

  • June 5, 2012 at 3:07 pm
    Craig H. says:
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    I suggest again that you invest in my innovative fire fighting machines and stop and/or control the fires of the world.
    I showed the leaders of New Mexico ways to create jobs and machines that would have this fire under control.. they invested in war machines with the various groups of Boeing Lock heed Martin McDonald Douglas etc… Trillions of dollars in sales globally and now the area burns..too bad People don’t invest in the future other than world wars and domination, neglecting the true values of real problems of earth. We have to make good products that promote our lives here on earth. Fire fighting is just one of the 25 new products we showed to the SBDC SBA SCORE United Nations and they all voted for war money movements, told me to go home.. or think up a war weapon they would fund.
    People had better invest in new products that will help us all, air cleaning machines would help people right now as they breathe the burned down could have been stopped easily, remote control machines could water down areas and control the fires, Insurance companies could pay the ways with coordination of many groups participating..or we could try to live with the results of the hell on Earth that is being created by nature with fires burning out of neglecting the facts and fearing the future and making bombs and planes to over power them…

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