Colorado Officials Take Sides in Fracking Dispute

September 25, 2012

  • September 25, 2012 at 8:13 pm
    Kim Feil says:
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    Longmont is using what we call in Texas “Home Rule” infortunately, the city of Arlington is not using Home Rule and allowing the drilling industry to effectively run over the residents forcing rural practices in high densly populated urban areas. If the drilling industry will use electric rigs, invent technology to prevent silica dust from leaving the drill sites, show water and soil tests from mud farming are NOT going into our storm drains and produce, put scrubbers on open hatch flowback tanks, and use Green Completion systems NOW and not 2.5 yrs later when the EPA mandate takes effect, then they only have to guarantee that the cement casings won’t rot, and that the steel casings can withstand earthquakes, and that the injection wells will not eventually migrate and contaminate our ground water….nevermind the human errors/accidents from the huge build out that “is not” an acceptable amount because they can’t find willing sacrifical lambs!!! We live in BarnettShaleHell here in Ft Worth and Arlington TX. They cannot undrill those wells, unpollute the water, unpollute the air, and they cannot give back those wasted minerals that they extracted at the wrong market price just to keep production up to pay back some bad loans they made.—–

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