Search And Rescue Insurance Introduced in Utah

May 30, 2017

  • May 31, 2017 at 7:34 pm
    Joe Dougherty says:
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    Just wanted to clarify that this card is not a form of insurance. If you’d be willing to update this on your site, that would be awesome.

    Here is the text of the FAQ section of the site:

    Isn’t the USARA card a form of insurance?

    No, the USARA card is NOT insurance and the card holder or individual being rescued is solely responsible for all health care and medical costs associated with a search and rescue. When you purchase a USARA card, and you are in need of rescue, the non-medical costs that are incurred by the search and rescue (SAR) team on your behalf are eligible for reimbursement.

    The cost of planes or helicopters used in the SAR operation – for an aerial search, transport of rescuers and equipment, and the like – are eligible for reimbursement to the county entity.

    Medical transportation to medical facilities is considered a health insurance expense. Check with your health insurance to see if medical transport, such as a life flight or ground ambulance, is adequately covered in your health plan.

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