California State Fund Launching Utilization Review Solution

California State Fund announced the rollout of a solution the worker’s comp carrier says will enable doctors to provide expedited care for injured workers.

State Fund’s utilization review technology, called UR Connected, is designed to speed up the approval process for most UR requests and help physicians treat their patients faster and more effectively.

The system will provide physicians with real-time approvals in most cases, and help injured workers return to work as quickly as possible, according to State Fund.

During UR, an insurance administrator reviews treatment recommendations for an injured worker requested by his or her doctor, as required by California law. UR Connected leverages a real-time point-of-care technology from Conexia to respond to most UR requests quickly.

“UR Connected will speed up medical care for injured workers and reduce the administrative burden on medical providers while maintaining the quality of care standard adopted by California,” State Fund President and CEO Vern Steiner said in a statement. “This will help eliminate many of the concerns we hear expressed by injured workers and providers today, and we believe it will ultimately enable us to allow providers more discretion to develop individualized treatment plans without increasing the risk of abuse that has plagued the California workers’ compensation system.”

State Fund was established in 1914 by the state legislature.