Las Vegas Fire Agrees to Settle for $280K in Sex Video Case

The Las Vegas Fire Department has reached a $280,000 settlement with a firefighter after a sexually explicit video of her circulated within the department in June 2018.

The firefighter, who resigned last year, sued the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson and several individual fire personnel, claiming the department allowed the video to circulate by refusing to properly investigate her complaints and “lightly” disciplining those who admitted complicity, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in March 2019 claims the video was circulated between Las Vegas and Henderson firefighters during work hours on department properties. It also claims that she was subject to sexual and gender harassment, including from senior employees who allegedly called her a “hot chick” and “freak.”

“Despite this ongoing sexual harassment, (the department) failed to act, bungled the investigation, delayed the investigation unnecessarily and generally tried to sweep the incident under the rug, subjecting Plaintiff to continued sexual harassment, and trauma,” the lawsuit said.

The Las Vegas City Council is expected to consider approving the settlement agreement on Wednesday. If approved, the settlement would resolve all claims against other defendants.

“I think it’s a message to anyone who’s going to let their employees engage in the behavior of this type, this type of behavior in today’s age does not go unnoticed,” Defense Attorney Jenny Foley said.

The city of Las Vegas declined to comment.