Montana Governor Lifts Mask Mandate, Virus Liability Protections in Place

By Iris Samuels | February 17, 2021

  • March 6, 2021 at 3:52 pm
    Nuna Yobezwaks says:
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    It’s about time we see some rational leadership.
    Returning decision making to the local level is to be commended; only individual townships know what’s best for their community, not some city hundreds of miles away that has completely different needs and infrastructure.

    If a given town believes they still need masks, let them wear masks. If they think they don’t need masks or vaccines for a virus that’s pretty much harmless to the vast majority of the population – and it is, then let them lift the masks and social distancing requirements while advising at risk people to take extra precautions. That’s how a quarantine is SUPPOSED to work ANYWAY; quarantine the sick and high risk, and everyone else go about your business as usual.

    Besides, if you think masks work, then wear a mask, and it shouldn’t matter if no one else is wearing a mask, right? I mean, if you think you can still get sick wearing the mask, then you admit the masks don’t work. Personal health should be just that, a personal decision, NOT a government mandate. Especially when anyone healthy and younger than a senior citizen has virtually no chance of dying from this virus. If you have kids like my nephew who has asthma, then take the necessary precautions on your end. Don’t dump the responsibility of parenting on the government, they aren’t our caretakers, their job is that of a referee, to ensure everyone’s human rights are being respected, and to discipline those whom would rob us of those rights. They aren’t supposed to raise our children or hold our hands in every aspect of our lives.

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