Insurance Industry Polls

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About what percentage of your personal auto customers have signed up for some type of telematics program?

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Would you like to see more insurers limit their writing of and investing in coals plants as Chubb recently did?

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Which do you think is the main reason hail losses suddenly rose in 2008 and have remained high since then?

Do you think young people being hired by the insurance industry today are being overpaid?

What do you see ahead for the cannabis industry? Check as many as apply.

Have you ever experienced or witnessed sexual harassment in your workplace?

Do the benefits of wearables outweigh the risks for both employers and employees?

Do you agree with those who warn that global cyber losses will soon be bigger than natural disaster losses for insurers?

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Which types of industry conferences do you find most valuable?

What do you think of Berkshire's THREE policy? Check multiple replies.

Do you agree the government should initiate means-testing for eligibility for discounted flood insurance premiums?

Do you think the government should require employers to provide paid family leave to employees?

What share of the small commercial lines market do you think will be online direct in 5 years?

Do you support legalization of recreational use of marijuana?

Which of the these jobs is most at risk of being replaced by robots?

Do you you think e-scooter insurance should be mandatory? for which party?