Police Liability Insurance in 2020, a Time of Civil Unrest


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There is a growing chorus of voices crying out that cities and towns are responsible for the actions of their police departments.

In what ways can a municipality or police department be held liable for the actions of their government departments or police departments?

This conversation, presented by Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance, speaks to these difficult questions.

Join Academy Director, Patrick Wraight as he moderates this conversation with our panelists:

Brennan Quintus, CEO North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund, the source of risk services for North Dakota cities, counties, school districts, and other political subdivisions.

Nancy Germond, Owner, Insurancewriter.com, Insurance Educator. With more than three decades of risk management experience for cities, school districts, law enforcement and private industry. First risk manager of Prescott, Arizona.

Joseph Harrington, Owner, Citizenwriter.com, Insurance Educator. For more than 21 years, was with the American Association of Insurance Services, a national insurance advisory organization and statistical rating bureau.