Is Your Portfolio Prepared for the 2014 Hurricane Season?


Gain a better understanding of the storm surge exposure in this live, interactive webcast.

To help insurers gain a better understanding of the storm surge exposure within their portfolios, Dr. Thomas Jeffery, Senior Hazard Scientist with CoreLogic, hosts this recorded webinar.

The webcast will showcase the 2014 CoreLogic® Storm Surge Report detailing the following:

  • Residential Exposure by Storm Category for the Entire U.S.
  • Storm Surge Risk Along the Atlantic & Gulf States
  • Storm Surge Risk in Major Metropolitan Areas
  • What is Storm Surge?
  • 2014 Insights & Findings

To understand and accurately evaluate the potential for storm surge damage in the U.S., it’s critical to identify the location of storm surge risk-and to correlate that risk to actual property locations. Hurricanes Irene and Sandy were harsh reminders to many homeowners along the eastern seaboard, that hurricane risk is not only confined to the state of Florida, but that it is far more reaching and can impact states as far north as Vermont and New Hampshire.

Millions of homes are potentially at risk from storm surge along the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines, and only through the incorporation of storm surge risk data will insurers be able to fully understand the comprehensive risk to their portfolios. Register for the CoreLogic webinar today to ensure your preparedness for the 2014 Hurricane season.