The Big Easy Button for Customer Experience in Insurance


Like most industries, insurance companies are accelerating their ability to improve their customer experience to meet new expectations. Upgrading their technological capabilities, companies are focusing on data, analytics, and automation to pull their data into a single source of truth and to streamline manual tasks. This data-driven approach provides personalized insights for agents while keeping a simple and low effort for customers to engage with companies. A report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services on the Future of Customer Experience in Insurance explains how:

  • Insurers are integrating data sourced internally and externally to rethink and improve underwriting and claims processes
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning improve Customer Experience by detecting trends and customer pain points
  • Insurers are overcoming hurdles to become customer-centric, including breaking down silos within their organization

Who should read this? Insurance professionals tasked with increasing customer and employee engagement and digital transformation to meet business needs.

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