The Power of a Network Partnership for Independent Agents


Increasing numbers of new agency owners, existing independents, and former captive agents are looking to join agency networks to compete in a tough insurance market. On their own, independent agents are challenged to meet multiple carrier volume requirements or qualify for higher commissions, bonuses, and contingency payouts that come with larger books. They also need access to better training, financing, and other business solutions.

But how do you choose the right partner?

The secret to identifying the right network is to ask a lot of questions, review the contract carefully and see if the network’s business model is right for you – as you are now and as you grow.

Each agent’s business model is unique, so your network partner needs to be flexible, and provide the solutions unique to your agency’s needs.

In this paper, we’ll share success stories of four agents – ranging from scratch start-ups, former captives and established multi-office agencies – who found a true partnership in Smart Choice®, and their agencies have flourished. Yours can too!

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