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Insurance Journal South Central

Agency Salary Survey; Boats and Marinas; Agribusiness/Farm and Ranch

Agency Salary Survey; Boats and Marinas; Agribusiness/Farm and Ranch

Insurance Journal South Central
February 23, 2009
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Inside This Issue


The Relative Calm

Industry Insiders Credit Risk Management for Minimizing Recession's Impact

Reinsurers Seem Ready to Flex Muscles

Predict Prices Should Increase by Double-Digits

International Coverage

Hope, Straight Talk and Despair Amid the Ruins

SPECIAL REPORT: Agency Salary Survey

Agencies Trim Payrolls and Raises

Spotlight: Agribusiness/Farm and Ranch

Top 5 Insurance Issues for Farmers in a Soft Economy

Closer Look: Boats and Marinas

5 Solutions for Marine Clients in Today's Challenging Times

Closer Look: Boats and Marinas

Marine Broker, Carrier Share Views on the Market


Study Unveils Target Areas for Flood Policy Sales

But More Subsidized Premiums Could Sink Program


Budget-Friendly Ideas to Retain Your Top Performers

Career Development, Mentors and Flexible Schedules Can Help

Valuing the Deal: It's What You Keep that Matters

Hard Costs, Holdbacks and Soft Costs Impact Every Deal

Changing Demographics

Offer a World of Opportunity to Enterprising Agents

Operational Efficiency Should be Priority No. 3 for Agency Managers

The Hartford's Juan Andrade on Managing During Difficult Times

Legal Beat: The Paradox of Flood Insurance

You May Not Know What You Think You Know About the Coverage

Closing Quote: Implications of the 2008 Farm Bill

Could Reduce Agent Commissions


Opening Note

Business Moves