P&C Insurance Concepts Simplified – Free Sample Chapters


Preview the first 3 chapters of the ultimate “how-to insurance guide” for agents, brokers, underwriters and adjusters.

An Excellent Resource on Commercial Insurance

This book details key P/C concepts rarely discussed or found in print.  Examples of the topics and concepts found in this book include rules for reading ANY insurance policy; why losses are excluded; contractual risk transfer; legal liability theories; “COPE” details; and the proper explanation of coinsurance concepts.

Also includes an extensive glossary of insurance and insurance-related terms.

What you will gain from reading this book

  • Gain a deeper understanding of insurance theories
  • Be better prepared to explain insurance concepts to their clients
  • Develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the claims valuation process

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Special Bonus with your Book Purchase
Included with your book purchase are three flowcharts designed by Chris Boggs:

  • Calculating Amount Available to Cover a Homeowners’ Property Loss
  • Calculating Amount Available to Cover a Commercial Property Loss
  • How to Calculate the Amount of Liability Coverage Available

To receive this bonus, just email your receipt to books@insurancejournal.com and we’ll send you the three flowcharts.