Expanding Beyond Insurance, GAINSCO Buys Automobile Dealership

December 11, 2013

Dallas-based GAINSCO Inc. announced that it has expanded its business offerings beyond that of strictly a non-standard personal automobile insurance writer and servicer, and entered the business of owning and operating a franchised automobile dealership.

Effective Nov.13, 2013, GAINSCO, through its newly-formed and wholly-owned subsidiary, Stallings Auto Group Inc. (SAG), and SAG’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Bob Stallings Hyundai Inc., acquired certain assets of Dallas Hyundai Inc. (dba South Dallas Hyundai).

Dallas Hyundai was a franchised automobile dealership in Dallas, Texas. The new automobile dealership operates as Bob Stallings Hyundai and is located at 39550 LBJ Freeway S. (I-20) in Dallas.

The dealership management team is led by Robert W. Stallings, dealer principal, and Kevin J. Coffey, general manager.

Stallings is the executive chairman of GAINSCO.  Coffey has significant industry experience operating and owning franchised automobile dealerships in Texas for over 30 years.

Source: GAINSCO Inc.


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