Insurance Industry Polls

Do you think Congress should renew the federal terrorism risk insurance program, TRIA?

Regarding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), what would you like Congress to do?

Which team do you think will win the 2014 SuperBowl?

Which team do yu think will win the 2014 SuperBowl?

Do you think insurance agents should be subject to background checks including fingerprinting for licensing as some states require?

Looking ahead to 2014, do you expect your firm's revenues to increase or decrease?

Should Congress delay flood insurance price increases resulting from the Biggert-Waters reform act?

In your experience, which of the following have ever been factors in your firm losing a commercial lines insurance customer? Choose as many as apply.

Which of the following forms of exercise do you do regularly (3 or more times per week)?

Do you think the P/C insurance industry treats women and men equally when it comes to opportunities for promotion to senior executive positions?

Should gun owners be required to carry liability insurance?

Does your agency allow employees to work from home?

What is you main strategy for growing business in 2013?

Should Congress extend the federal terrorism reinsurance program?

In what commercial lines area(s) would you like to see P/C insurers come up with better or new products in 2013?

Which of the following issues do you think should be the top priority in Washington after the election?

Should employers who do not buy mandatory workers' compensation coverage face criminal penalties and possible jail time?

If the Presidential election were held today, which candidate would get your vote?

Which social media websites does your business use?

If the readiness of your firm (managers, underwriters, producers, CSRs) for a hard market were a steak, how would you rate it?