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Scope of EU Ban on Russian Coal and Fertilizers Jolts Insurers

Aug 15 2022 // The European Union jolted insurers and shippers by clarifying that a ban on EU entities servicing exports of Russian coal and some fertilizers applies to shipments anywhere in the world. An EU ban on imports of Russian...

Wildfires Burn, Farmers Struggle as Another Heatwave Bakes Western Europe

Aug 12 2022 // European nations sent firefighting teams to help France tackle a “monster” wildfire on Thursday, while forest blazes also raged in Spain and Portugal and the head of the European Space Agency urged immediate...

Britain’s Proposed Post-Brexit Financial Reform Explained

Aug 12 2022 // Britain’s government proposed a far-reaching financial services law last month to exploit “freedoms” to write its own capital market rules since leaving the European Union. Approval of what is the biggest...

Historic Drought, Low River Levels Threaten to Cripple Trade Across Europe

Aug 11 2022 // In the midst of an arid summer that set heat records across Europe, the continent’s rivers are evaporating. The Rhine — a pillar of the German, Dutch and Swiss economies for centuries — is set to become virtually...

Europe’s Rhine River on Brink of Becoming Impassable as Water Levels Drop

Aug 3 2022 // Water levels on the Rhine River are set to fall perilously close to the point at which it would effectively close, putting the trade of huge quantities of goods at risk as the continent seeks to stave off an economic...

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