Insurance Industry Polls

Should employers mandate that employees be vaccinated?

Do you think the pending merger of Aon and Willis Towers Watson is good for the industry and insureds?

What is your current situation with regard to work from home or office?

Has the coronavirus crisis changed your view of your job?

Do you think it is safe for businesses in your community to reopen or is it too soon?

Approximately what percentage of your firm’s workforce is primarily working from home instead of in an office?

Has your firm restricted employee travel at all due to the coronavirus threat?

Do you think insurtechs are having a mostly positive or negative effect on the P/C insurance industry?

Do you find small commercial clients showing more interest in cyber coverage than this time last year?

Do you support the decisions by some P/C insurers to limit their fossil fuel industry clients and investments?

Which quarterback does the best job in insurance commercials on television?

Have your small business customers reached out to you to talk about preparing for increased risks and exposures during the holiday season?

Have you or your clients experienced a cyber attack or data breach?

Do you agree with Allstate CEO Tom Watson that U.S. corporations should prioritize job creation and pay employees more.

About what percentage of your personal auto customers have signed up for some type of telematics program?

Would you like to see more insurers limit their writing of and investing in coals plants as Chubb recently did?

Which do you think is the main reason hail losses suddenly rose in 2008 and have remained high since then?

Do you think young people being hired by the insurance industry today are being overpaid?

What do you see ahead for the cannabis industry? Check as many as apply.

Have you ever experienced or witnessed sexual harassment in your workplace?