American National to Acquire Farm Family

April 6, 2001

  • February 1, 2009 at 11:02 am
    westwardwind7 says:
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    yeah, they bought this company and ruined it driving out top execs and supposedly making things better but reality all they cared about was the dollars this company would add to the bottom line. then they went about recruiting farm bureau and other companies agents to come to american nations and roll their books of business, got caught and got sued and lost. Pres. ceo or whatever he is knew about what was going on and encouraged it. doesn’t have guts enough to own up to it and face the board of directors. then they turn around and sue agents that leave the company saying they are doing the same thing when they are really not. thier officers can’t even tell the truth in sworn testimonies, i believe that is called lying among other things.

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