Brokers Offer Full Support for Surplus Lines Reform Bill

July 20, 2006

  • July 21, 2006 at 3:06 am
    SurplusFuss says:
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    The approvals and support of this bill are certainly steps in the right direction, as surplus lines reform is desperately needed. However, some of the biggest compliance obstacles have been completely overlooked.

    Due diligence, anyone? Some states want 1 declination, some states want 3, some states require no specific number, some states want an affidavit, some states don\’t, some states want to insured and the broker to sign such affidavit, some states want only the broker\’s signature, some states accept a declination for the entire book of business, some states want the required number of declinations for each individual insured… and it goes on ad nauseum.

    About the specifics of the tax reporting… some states want taxes remitted on an estimated quarterly basis, some states want an annual remittance, some states require monthly reporting, some states levy a stamping fee, some have surcharges, some have other regulatory or municipality fees in addition to the tax and the reporting of the additional fees is just as convoluted as the taxes themselves.

    Perhaps if this bill becomes enacted, it will open the door for future uniformity among the states. One can only hope. Thank you to the NAIC, NAPSLO and every other individual and entity who have supported this bill. I\’m looking forward to continued surplus lines reform.

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