North-South Korea Tensions, Cyber Threats Worry Insurers of Olympics

  • February 11, 2018 at 6:40 am
    DNCs Coll(F)usion GPShip Strzok an IceberGowdy says:
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    Nuke War launched due to tensions, aggressive actions by the US and NK?

    Cyber warfare that damages multiple layers of software, apps, firewalls, and hacks into sensitive data, both military intel and personal private information?

    I was led to think the media would only focus on Global Warming as the greatest threat to mankind since the Great Plague in Europe. There’s hope for SOME media members!

    Example of the typical Liberal Mainstream Media’s biased views:
    Friday, I watched NBC’s Lester The Holt interview VPOTUS Mike Pence in Korea, at the Winter Olympics, and completely ignore Kim Jong Underpants’ terrible, inhumane treatment of his people, to ask about a potential (first strike) Nuke attack by the US. ‘The Dolt’ then turned the discussion to a narrowly focused issue of a White House aid abusing his spouse… which has much less relevance to VPOTUSes trip to the Olympics. VPOTUS handled the detour in the discussion calmly, with an appropriate reply.

    North Korea is a perfect example of what happens when Socialists / Communists take away the basic human right of freedom of speech & assembly, and clearly point to the value for preserving the human right to liberty of 2nd Amendment Rights of a Free People. Liberally run college campuses are a scary example of the suppression of the former, and deep blue states of the US are a frightening example of the latter.

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