Guide to Cannabis Markets 2024


Welcome to the 2024 Cannabis Markets Guide! We’re excited to share one of our most popular resources, highlighting the dynamic world of cannabis, CBD, and hemp-related products. These products are not only profitable but also the center of ongoing debates and regulatory changes. As insurance for these items continues to evolve swiftly, staying informed can be a challenge.

This guide aims to provide a platform for markets to display their carrier information, geographic reach, coverage limits, and other crucial details. In a competitive market, our guide is an invaluable tool for companies to enhance their visibility and differentiation.¬†Additionally, the guide delivers key insights into current and future usage trends, guidelines, legalization status, and consumer preferences. Whether you are looking for new market sources for your business, or information to share with your cannabis-related clients, you’ll find it here.

Please note: We are not advising you regarding the federal, state or local tax consequences of engaging in any business in this industry. Check with both your state(s) laws and carriers for guidance or assistance in complying with federal law to insure proper coverage for your clients.

P.S. If you are a market interested in being included in future guides, contact us at 800-897-9965, ext. 132.

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