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Digital Download Sponsorships

Insurance Journal’s award-winning editorial team delights the industry with reader-favorite directories and special reports all throughout the year:

  • Specialty Markets Directory, Winter Edition (Jan 2024)
  • Agents of the Year (Jan 2024)
  • Hospitality Risks Directory (Mar 2024)
  • Young Agent Survey Results (Apr 2024)
  • Workers’ Compensation Directory (May 2024)
  • Programs Directory, Summer Edition (June 2024)
  • Top Agency Account Managers & CSRs (July 2024)
  • Specialty Markets Directory, Summer Edition (July 2024)
  • Top 100 P/C Agencies (Aug 2024)
  • 101 Sales, Marketing & Agency Mgmt Ideas (Aug 2024)
  • Top 20 Agency Partnerships (Sept 2024)
  • Agency E&O Survey Results (Nov 2024)
  • Programs Directory, Winter Edition (Dec 2024)

Lead generating digital download sponsorships are now available, and include the following:

  • Your logo on the digital download landing page on our popular Research & Trends site for 6 months, with a message thanking you for making it available free of charge and an agreement that their contact info will be passed on to you for marketing purposes.
  • Name, email, company, and job title of all readers who download the paper during those 6 months (minimum lead guarantee: 100+)
Insurance Journal Digital Download Sponsorship

Issue Sponsorship Packages

From the E&S Directory to the Top 100 P/C Agencies to the Workers’ Comp Report — agents and brokers look forward every year to their favorite issues of Insurance Journal. And now, you can be part of that excitement as the Official Issue Sponsor. Packages are available on a first-come/first-served basis to one advertiser per issue and include all of the following:

  • Promotion in Insurance Journal Magazine
    Your own full page ad in your sponsored issue of Insurance Journal (BPA-Audited circ: 47,200). Bonus: Your logo displayed on the intro page.
  • Promotion on InsuranceJournal.com
    Your logo in 50k web impressions of our high-impact 970x250 banner unit.
  • Promotion in Insurance Journal Daily eNewsletter
    Your logo in ten 640x480 ad units in the IJ Daily Headlines eNewsletter (BPA-Audited subscribership of 80,043 subscribers).
  • Social Media Shoutout
    Your logo displayed on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook promotion (combined followership of 240k).
  • Minimum Lead Guarantee: 100+
    Your logo on the digital download landing page on our popular Research & Trends site for 6 months, with a message thanking you for making it available free of charge and an agreement that their contact info will be passed on to you for marketing purposes.
Insurance Journal Issue Sponsorship Packages

Live Webinar Broadcasts

Align yourself with the most powerful and loved media brands in the insurance industry. What better way to establish instant credibility?

The education you provide establishes you as the topic authority. You can leverage your affiliation with the media brand and invite your best prospects. Since the topic drives the audience, you can instantly qualify new leads and build relationships with those you already know.

Webinar packages include the following:

  • Pre-project planning
  • Customized enewsletter and web promotion
  • Customized email blasts to your target audience
  • Shout out to our massive LinkedIn & Twitter audience
  • Live broadcast of your 30-60 minute presentation
  • Follow-up questionnaire to attendees
  • 1 year on-demand hosting on Insurance Journal's Research & Trends platform
  • A copy of the recording to use on your own site
  • Contact info of all registrants (both those who watch the webinar live and also those who view it on-demand throughout the year)
Insurance Journal Live Webinar Broadcasts
A la cart extras:
  • Premium banner and newsletter packages
  • Whitepaper creation and distribution
  • Press release package (basic or premium)
  • Video segments for your social media and website
  • Additional social promotion
  • Print ad creation and insertion
  • Key Takeaways advertorial in the issue of your choice

A Shared Commitment to Quality

If you're providing a sales pitch, with the goal of grabbing a bucket of names, we won't be able to work together. (Remember that we have a reputation to uphold too.) But If your goal is to provide informative, educational material, we'd love to help you. Our professional media and marketing teams will guide you in the best way to position your individual expertise, and we'll work hard to make sure your brand is elevated in the marketplace.

Editorial Panel Discussions

Insurance Journal’s award-winning editorial team will be producing 5 educational webinars in 2024:

  • Cyber (March 14, 2024)
  • Cannabis (April 18, 2024)
  • Workers Comp (June 4, 2024)
  • Climate (July 25, 2024)
  • E&O (November 7, 2024)

High-visibility sponsorships are offered for each webinar, and include all of the following:

  • Your logo and a shout-out by our host at the beginning of the webinar.
  • Your logo displayed in email promotion to 80k+ BPA-qualified subscribers.
  • Your logo in at least 4 social media posts.
  • Your logo on the webinar registration page on IJ’s Research & Trends platform, where it will also be available on-demand for 1 year.
  • Name, email, company, and title of all registrants (plus those who view on-demand during the year).
  • Bonus: You get 90 seconds to address our audience at the beginning of the webinar.
Insurance Journal Editorial Webinar

IJ Editorial Webinars are VERY well attended!

  • 1,070 Registrants — Insuring the Metaverse: Immersive Tech & the Future of Coverage (Cyber 2023)
  • 660 Registrants — Selling Cannabis Insurance in a Cash-Strapped Environment (Cannabis 2023)
  • 480 Registrants — Mental Health: Can Workers’ Comp Handle the Stress? (Workers’ Comp 2023)
  • 489 Registrants — How the Insurance Universe Deals w/ Evolving Risks & Dispositions (Climate 2023)
  • 590 Registrants — How Remote Work, Catastrophes & Cyber Risk Challenge Agency E&O (E&O 2022)

Executive Roundtables

Our research team will assemble an interesting mix of executive talent for a compelling webinar discussion to be broadcast to the industry.

Your sponsorship gets you a place on the panel to participate in the discussion and establish yourself as one of the experts in front of our engaged audience of P/C insurance professionals.

Your logo will be featured on the signup page and in all promotional materials, which can include web, email, mobile, print, and/or social media marketing, as well as a whitepaper of key takeaways, video highlights on IJTV, or a sponsored summary on InsuranceJournal.com— all depending on your specific goals and budget.

Insurance Journal Executive Roundtables

Podcast Sponsorships

According to Nielsen Media Lab, audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than traditional display ads. Moreover, a Midroll Media Report revealed that 60% of listeners have purchased something they heard advertised in a podcast.

Insurance Journal produces a variety of informative and entertaining podcast series, now available on your favorite podcast apps!

Insuring Cannabis with Don Jergler
2,000 to 7,000+ Listeners per Episode

Insuring Cyber with Elizabeth Blosfield
2,000 to 7,000+ Listeners per Episode

On Point with Peter van Aartrijk
1,000 to 4,000+ Listeners per Episode

Note: These are approximate totals ~1 year after episode release. Stats may vary by episode and grow over time

Insuring Cannabis Podcast Sponsorship
Insuring Cyber Podcast Sponsorship
On Point Podcast Sponsorship

Podcast Production

Want to star in your own podcast but don’t know where to start? Our media team is super good at this stuff. We make it easy!

Let’s plan out a podcast discussion together (you can pick the topics and questions) and then we’ll record via phone or webcam.

From there, we take care of everything: audio and video editing, thumbnail design, hosting, promotion... everything!

Insurance Journal Podcast Production

Best Value: With an 8-episode package, you'll get your very own branded channel on IJTV. Your podcast series will also be included on Insurance Journal’s channel on Apple Podcasts!

Email Survey

Have a question for the industry?

Collect in-depth data with an Insurance Journal email survey. We can help you to build a professional survey (up to 10 questions) that will be sent directly to our reader survey email list.

Insurance Journal Email Survey

Website Poll

Have a question for the industry?

Collect data with an Insurance Journal website poll. Your question (and up to five reply options) will appear as a special “Reader Poll” in the sidebar on InsuranceJournal.com, with or without sponsor branding—your choice.

Insurance Journal Website Poll

Offsite Video Advertising

Reach our Insurance Journal audience with your video via YouTube and connected devices!

Insurance Journal Video Advertising

Audio Article Sponsorships

Insurance Journal’s massive online audience is now listening to our articles too!

Since mid-2022, we’ve been testing audio articles and they are a big hit, with an average of over 3,000 impressions per month

Be one of the first to try it!

  • Your 10-second audio message is heard before any articles offering audio.
  • Bonus: Your company name (linked to your website) is featured on the player for the entire duration of the article.
Insurance Journal Audio Article Sponsorship