Erosion of Price Influence…The Agent’s Dilemma


“Your influence on pricing is going to be eroded to the point where, on most accounts, it’s just going to go away….” states Frank Pennachio, in his report on the changing role of independent agents.  This engaging report will cover:

  • What’s driving agents’ eroding influence on pricing?
  • What’s the future role of underwriting and loss prevention?
  • What’s the future role of the agent?

Frank Pennachio brings over 30 years of experience to the following topics in this 34-page report.

This webinar transcript is presented by Frank Pennachio of the Big “I” Virtual University.  

Frank Pennachio has spent 30 years leveraging his Workers’ Compensation knowledge and teaching insurance agents how to market and manage Workers’ Compensation programs. Before its evolution to Oceanus Partners, Frank co-founded The WorkComp Advisory Group in 2009, to help independent insurance agents implement a consultative approach to win business by competing on value. Frank is an expert in the technical elements of workers’ compensation, emphasizing the need for agents to understand all aspects of protecting an employers’ workforce in order to provide true value.