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Words of Advice for Valentine’s Day

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day and your celebration spills into your workplace, here are a few words of advice:

  • Remember those simple cute cards we passed out in elementary and middle school? Those are not appropriate for the workplace. If you want to do something nice for ALL of your co-workers, bring in a big box of candy and place it in an open area for everyone to enjoy. (But skip those candy hearts with suggestive words and messages! I know, I know….innocuous little messages, but you never know what’s lurking in the minds of others—so play it safe!)
  • We all want to know that we are appreciated and loved. Go ahead and communicate it through chocolate. I did. The chocolates were gone in 15 minutes. (And no, I don’t moonlight with See’s, but I do love their candy!)
  • The same applies to your customers. As customers, we like to hear we are appreciated—and we hear it better through caramels, nuts, and chews.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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