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For a Season’s Greeting, Drive This Car(d)

By Laura Packard | Insurance Journal Ad & Marketing Blog | December 20, 2013

IJAM welcomes guest blogger Laura Packard, VP of Sales & Marketing at American Collectors Insurance. Just in time for the holidays, they’ve produced a fun video spot that we think you’ll enjoy. Kudos to American Collectors Insurance for the creative and well executed marketing idea!

Those who insure their personal property do so because they value it. Those millions who own collector vehicles insure them not only because they value their cars – but because they absolutely love them. A survey we once took of our collector-vehicle customers showed they spend an average of 25 hours per month working on their cars and/or enjoying the car hobby.

And collector-vehicle buffs don’t mind sharing their cars for special occasions. So we at American Collectors Insurance got together with several of our collector-vehicle policyholders to showcase their cars in a special way.

Earlier this year – while on location for a video shoot for “American Detours,” a web TV show that features collector vehicles, classic American roads, and the collectors who love both – eight policyholders lent us their cool cars to put together a holiday greeting.

Check out this video of what you get when you combine cool cars, headlights, and an old favorite holiday tune:

Drive This Car(d)

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About Laura Packard

Laura Packard is VP of Sales & Marketing at American Collectors Insurance, a national provider of specialty insurance for collectibles and collector vehicles. She can be reached at or 856-382-3207.
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