Detroit Schools to Pay $425K To Student’s Family

May 3, 2012

A federal judge in Michigan has ordered the cash-strapped Detroit Public Schools to pay $425,000 to the family of a special education student who had a seizure and died after being forced to walk unassisted by a school aide.

The judgment was entered Tuesday in favor of Destini Shinn’s mother, Kelli. Full payment to Shinn’s family and lawyers is due Aug. 23.

According to the suit, Vivian H. Washington pushed Destini on Aug. 29, 2008, causing her to have a seizure. It also says Washington told the girl she didn’t like her, ordering her to get up and telling her no one would help her.

Destini died four days later.

Schools spokesman Steve Wasko says Washington no longer works for the district and that “the matter has been resolved.”

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    Yes, Agentnoless, all of our problems magically materialized in January 2009. What happened to America is four decades of mass apathy combined with a truly bipartisan effort t... read more
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    What has happened????? Obama mama...that's what happened.
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    What has happened to America. Quit your job and all your wrongs have be made right.
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