Home Emergency Insurance Solutions Relaunches Home Protection Plans in California

July 3, 2014

HomeServe USA’s subsidiary Home Emergency Insurance Solutions (HEIS), is relaunching its optional Water Service Line Insurance plans as home protection plans to more than 425,000 households across the state of California. A mailing outlining the new benefits of the Plans is being delivered to homeowners throughout the state this week.

HomeServe is relaunching in California in light of changes approved in a recent filing with the California Department of Insurance that allow HomeServe to offer California homeowners more simplified plans with less exclusions, and also transition from insurance coverage to home protection plans. These Plans will be offered to new customers, and to current insurance holders upon their renewal.

HEIS is already an insurance provider to more than 213,000 homeowners in California who hold 326,000 insurance plans. Those plans, such as Water Line Service, Sewer Line Service, Interior Plumbing and Drainage, help residents manage repairs that are not typically covered by homeowners insurance. When a repair is needed, HomeServe works with a network of local, licensed and insured California-based technicians, and covers the costs under the plans.

HomeServe’s new Water Service Line Plan for California homeowners provides guaranteed repairs up to $12,000 in coverage annually for $4.95 per month, and allows for unlimited service calls.


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  • March 29, 2015 at 12:28 am
    jason stevesson says:
    I have read a bunch of reviews on this company. They all just say "beware." Why does no one say "I paid, and my line developed a leak, and they paid or they refused to pay i... read more
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